Thursday, February 28, 2013

SECRET LIVES PAPERBACK AND STARBUCKS GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY Secret Lives takes the reader through a labyrinth of dead ends and false clues as LA Homicide Detective Lenny Browning investigates the bizarre death of Bob Wagner, prominent LA attorney. Upon arrival at the scene, he finds Wagner dead from wounds inflicted by Ella Russell’s Doberman, Amy. He interviews Ella at the scene and takes her statement, unconvinced that her dog only reacted when Bob lunged at her. Something doesn’t sound right and sets his detective radar buzzing. He allows her to take the dog home but wants her to remain available for questioning. The next morning, he asks Ella and her twin sister, Terry, to come in for an interview and learns the extent of Wagner’s longtime spousal abuse, his attempt to kill her the night before, and her mountain rescue from sure death by Ella’s fiancĂ©, Jim Sessions. In the midst of cleaning out Bob’s downtown condo for sales prep, they discover a large amount of drugs and a series of porn pictures, some that seem to be of the snuff variety. Disgusted, the girls call Lenny, who meets them at the condo. He takes custody of the drugs and the porn and conducts a search for further contraband. It yields nothing, so he leaves. The next morning he calls Terry and asks permission to search her house, particularly Bob’s office. It doesn’t take him long to find more porn, which repulses Terry and makes her wonder who the man she spent the last five years with really was. One of the photos draws Lenny’s special interest, leading him to the mean streets of Hollywood in search of Slim Whiting, a photographer he hopes holds a key piece of the puzzle. Further inspection of Wagner’s belongings unearths detailed journals covering the last several decades that list, in chronological order, his life of crime, starting as a young boy and the lives he took with such careless disregard over the course of years. As Lenny continues to work the case, Terry finds herself falling in love with him. Secret Lives twists and turns its way through one shocking revelation after another, leaving the reader laughing one moment and gasping the next when another impossible tidbit from Bob’s past threatens Terry’s future. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Gayle Farmer lives in Palm Springs, California, with her husband Jeff, a Chihuahua named Maggie, who used to rule the roost until Julie, a Maltese mix moved in. She assumed the position of top dog until Amy, a young doberman, arrived to usurp the role. She's living up to her literary namesake with an uncanny accuracy that's giving Gayle the chills. Gayle and Jeff are tasked with entertaining the critters and providing lots of treats and pets. They also are allowed to write, edit and publish books, but the dogs come first. They insist! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  2. Sounds like an interesting read! I bet it's awesome, too... Gayle is an amazing writer!

  3. "secret lives" is a book you read from cover to cover in one sitting because there is so action-packed you won't be able to put it down!

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